At Smart4 engineering, we embark on a journey across diverse industries, bringing engineering excellence to the forefront. With our clients at the heart of our mission, we understand that the intricacies of their sectors are paramount. Our profound knowledge of each industry allows us to address challenges and unlock opportunities through real-world use cases.


Tailor-made solutions

In our approach, we recognize that the unique challenges and aspirations of each industry demand tailor-made solutions. Our sector-specific expertise is the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. 
Partner with Smart4 for an engineering journey that transcends boundaries, delivering solutions crafted with precision for the challenges of today and the innovations of tomorrow.

Services sector

Guiding financial institutions through the intricacies of engineering solutions to optimize processes and fortify security.

Flagship projects – Banking
Central bank

Application Development and Specialized Assistance

For a Central Bank, a public law institution regulated by national and European laws, we provide application development, maintenance and assistance services. The application scope refers to applications based on multi-level architecture with service-oriented patterns and microservices. The task mode provision is based on the Function Point metrics.

Major Spanish bank

Creation, Development and Tuning of an Architecture Framework

For this Major Bank, the goal is to be the best open financial services platform in the world.

We participated to create and tune the architecture framework to provide a continuously deployable solution.

We supported the bank in Enterprise Architecture, Cloud and Development Expertise.

Major European bank

Set up of a risk modeling platform

In the context of the Convergence Program, in order to rationalize the data architecture around risk modeling and synthesis and to serve all Risk & Finance reporting: POC and implementation of the project to build a modeling platform for the Risk business line based on modern big data architectures and on various analytical solutions.

We set up the big data solution and deploy several use cases.

Major international bank

Accelerating Finance & Risk convergence

We support a major international bank through various missions concerning the Finance, Risk & Regulatory support functions.

We have contributed to the implementation of the Finance & Risk program aiming at the convergence of the Risk and Finance Platform and we are currently continuing to take into account the evolutions and regulatory requirements by participating, for example, in the IFRS9 & AnaCrédit projects in response to the requirements of the regulator (ECB).

Flagship projects – Insurance
Large Swiss insurance

Global data, forecasting and risk management, at the service of actuaries​

We collaborate on major projects with Business Intelligence specialists in charge of defining ETL and LT processes, integrations, modelling analysis, data visualizations, for actuaries.

We also provide development experts of the integration platform between actuaries and BI tools.

Major German insurance

“Simply Program” to modernize the Finance synthesis system

The objective of the “Simply Program” is to modernize the Finance synthesis system to meet future challenges in terms of volumes and levels of detail, production times and frequency, data quality, reporting complexity, etc.

We provided the scoping phase, the comparison of design scenarios: Data Warehouse vs Data Lake, a progressive trajectory and macro costing and finally the Implementation of the program resulting from the scoping.

Large Italian insurance

Set up of the DataSmart Program: 360° Multi-Network Customer Vision

We implemented the DataSmart program, which consists of building a cross-functional Data Lake (P&C, Life, Health and Personal Protection branches) aiming at a 360° multi-network customer view.

The issues are to be able to develop up and cross selling, to measure the sales performance of the distribution networks and to industrialize the segmentation and customer scoring calculations.

Major French insurance

Preventing frauds and helping customers by using Big Data and Cybersecurity

French multinational company specialized in insurance solutions is convinced that digital trends are the best option to achieve success. We support to accelerate the digitalization of their business functions particularly on Fraud Detection (Implementation of a Data Lake) and on the e-Rescue Project, Webapp for assistance to damaged cars.

Empowering governments with innovative engineering strategies for enhanced public services and infrastructure.

Flagship projects
Ministry of economy

A Marketplace for innovative analytical and predictive services

Datafactor is a research project aimed at realizing a rich marketplace for analytical and predictive services.

Example of application domains are digital twins for predictive maintenance of infrastructures (e.g. bridges, tunnels, railways), policy simulators for government administrators (e.g. mayors, governors that wants to simulate their politic decisions and plans) and human diseases prediction (to support national health system).

Mail services

Smart Letter Box

The project aims to transform mailboxes into intelligent control units through the configuration with various types of sensors connected via IoT. The target is to reach 11,000 SMART mailing boxes across the country by 2022.

The devices equipped with innovative technology will also have a temperature, humidity and pollution sensor will provide environmental parameters and their relative variation over time, data that through a dedicated digital space can be made available to citizenship.

Customs services

AI for Stock and Intelligent Warehouse

It is a solution created to manage the goods in a warehouse in all its process phases, from receipt of goods to their storage, handling and picking.

Integrating devices such as IoT sensors, video cameras, Artificial Intelligence analysis, the system allows the control of the access of people (using AI facial recognition) and the movement of materials to specific areas.

Ministry of justice

IT System and Application Management

We guarantee a series of dedicated services and projects, including System and Network Assistance, User and Workstation Assistance, support services for the use of Applications and Database Maintenance, Site Management Services and Specialist Support Services.

Approximately provided IT Service Management 40.000 workstations assisted, about 6.800 servers managed, over 70.000 users.

Elevating customer experiences in the retail and luxury sectors through cutting-edge engineering solutions.

Flagship projects
European e-commerce DIY and gardening player

Co building an IT Hub in Spain and matching a Ramp up of 200 IT experts

For a European leader in online DIY, gardening and household products, needs to create an IT Hub, a technological center, of 200 IT experts over three years in Spain that will allow it to consolidate its position in online sales.

We co build this IT Hub by implementing a BOT: Build Operate Model. The BOT allows to Build an “IT Hub”, to Operate it and then to progressively Transfer the resources to the Client.

French retailer specialized in home improvement

Updating of the ecommerce application to improve online sales

In favorable context for online sales, a French retailer was looking for a partner to help it with the implementation of all the necessary updates to achieve a comprehensive modernization of its online sales platform.

We were involved in the creation of multidisciplinary agile teams to improve synergies between employees and increase performance.

Major e-commerce player

Reshaping and migration of the applications to a microservices architecture

The e-commerce player, in its quest to consolidate its position as the European leader in private sales, has been forced to redesign its service platform.

We implemented a new platform consisting of micro-services that allow the integration of applications and systems. A payment gateway was designed and implemented allowing the use of a customizable payment API. An automatic testing strategy based on risk assessment was implemented.

One of the world’s largest fashion retailers

Accelerating digital transformation by levering ramp up development capacities

This fashion retailer needs to accelerate the digital transformation and migrate its global IT platform.

We provided technologies expertise to define the strategies, implement actions, evangelize in the use of Quality practices. We maintained the systems to be replaced and assess the risks before executing the migration.

Tailoring engineering solutions for a variety of service-oriented businesses globally.

Flagship projects
Security technology company

Applying Intelligent Document Processing to incoming order

Global company offering security technologies in both the physical and digital world. Every day, billions of people benefit from G+D innovations in their personal and business lives. Payment transactions, connectivity solutions, identity protection and digital infrastructure protection are among its main lines of business. As demand for services increases, G+D has asked Capitole to incorporate AI into its order intake process.

Airline company

Reinviting Client Experience to accelerate the Company objectives

 This airline company, in its need to achieve excellence, needs to constantly reinvent itself and that includes maintaining applications in which the user experience stands out. Capitole Consulting collaborated with the improvement of the user experience of the Web, the APP and assumed the implementation of the necessary improvements in the systems that support these applications.

Digital company

PPE Smart Monitoring (Personal Protective Equipment) Project

For a company specialized in digital services provided to the public administration, focusing on support activities for energy and water distribution companies. The objective of the PPE Smart Monitoring (Personal Protective Equipment) project was to carefully check that each operator wears all the specific equipment provided during an intervention in the field.

Advancing healthcare and life sciences through engineering innovation that powers breakthroughs in research and patient care.

Flagship projects
E-health player

Development of applications and drivers for health card terminals

For a French company operating in the field of health by offering e-health services.

We collaborate to develop embedded software and drivers for health card terminal and applications for health services: application for reading health cards under Android, development of solutions for creating “DMP” (“Dossier Médical Partagé”), remote update, …; embedded applications for payment terminals (health) / ticketing (transport).

Healthcare player

Development of an AI based image processing solution

Our client designs and manufactures medical imaging equipment and develops associated image processing software. Some tasks to be performed by practitioners are time consuming and can be automated.

We collaborate to study the feasibility and develop an image processing solution based on artificial intelligence.

Medical imaging player

Development of 2D & 3D medical image processing software

For a medial player specialized in medical imaging equipment and data/image processing software. We work with them on the development, test and validation of 2D & 3D medical image processing software.

We participate to design the architecture and develop the functionalities of the 2D and 3D image review applications (acquisition, reconstruction, processing, …).

Healthcare player

Development of new digital medical services

For a major player in homecare worldwide, an expert in homecare for chronic diseases and a supplier of medical gases to hospitals.

We are participating to the development of new digital medical services for Air Liquid.

Our strong reactivity and ability to cover the entire process, from product design to QA and integration, has proven its effectiveness.

Industrial sector

Ensuring precision engineering in aerospace and defense, prioritizing safety and innovation.


Launching a nanosatellite with IoT payload

We design & develop a nanosatellite that can be used as a gateway for IOT devices and so cover parts of the earth without network coverage.

Set up of a team with many specialties: HW, Mechanical, Embedded SW, Enterprise application, QA.

The satellite was launched on 22 March 2021 by the Suyuz 2 launcher from the Baikonur station.

Major defense player

Development for an inertial unit

We support our client in the development of an inertial unit hybridized with GPS and baro-altimetric data for civil aeronautics and based on a multi-mode Kalman filter. This project stems from R&D and aims to industrialize the product.

In this context, we support the project from preliminary design review to critical design review; Specifications and validation based on MBSE and High level of technical expertise.

Major defense player

Research & Technology service center for aerospace and defense activities

The Software Engineering Department is in charge of the development of embedded software for aerospace and defense activities, for “Research & Development” and “Research & Technology” projects.

We provide high-end expertise and participate to explore and prototype embedded systems for future airborne solutions (planes, helicopters), with a particular focus on Linux operating systems and cybersecurity, in order to provide new features in communications, health monitoring and maintainability.


For Landing systems: Validation and verification of the braking systems of the Airbus A350

With a team of close to 30 engineers, we supported Safran Landing System in the process of demonstrating the conformity of it Landing Gear System to Airbus specification.

Throughout the 5 years of intensive development, we have also been involved in the certification process conducted by EASA.

Revolutionizing transportation through engineering solutions that enhance efficiency, sustainability, and safety.

Major automotive supplier

Autonomous Driving

For a major German automotive supplier, specialized in autonomous mobility and safety and vehicle networking and information.

We contributed to the Improvement of the algorithm for tracking high objects in radar data.

We supported the evaluation of fixed obstacle clustering algorithms in radar data and development of associated tools.

Global provider of rail solutions

Supporting CBTC, ATP, ERTMS, Signaling and Traffic Management projects

For a fully integrated global provider of rail solutions in the areas of rolling stock, signaling, operations, services and maintenance, digital technology and turnkey solutions.

Supporting and providing expertise in different railways projects:

  • Core CBTC (Communication Based Train Control) verification and validation
  • Test Automation in Automatic Metros
  • Development of the Automatic Train Protection system
  • CBTC Software Development – On Board ATP
  • Safety ERTMS (ETCS 1&2) Analysis
  • Verification and validation of a signaling system
  • Formal Proof on a railway signaling system

Leader consulting firm in transport

Homologation of a centralized control and Traffic Management system

For one of the world’s leading engineering and consultancy firms specializing in public transport and mobility solutions.

Participation in the homologation of a centralized control and traffic management system for an integrated railway company and technological watch on the current evolutions of centralized controls and automatic traffic management systems.

Major player in transport

Landing Doors for Urban projects

For a major player connecting territories, cities, buildings, industries and transport infrastructures through tailor-made solutions that improve the performance of its customers’ equipment and uses.

We supported this client in the definition, implementation and deployment of urban signaling systems to secure the management of gateways.

Pioneering sustainable solutions for the energy and utilities sector, addressing the evolving needs of the global landscape.

Energy utility player

Software Intelligence Practice

Support the implementation, evolution and maintenance of a Software Intelligence practice based on CAST Application Intelligence Platform.

We assess the application through static analysis of the source code in order to manage the health of the applications and mitigate the risks related to violations with specific Remediation Plans.

Renewable energy player

Design and implementation of monitoring platform for renewable energy plants

For a global quality assurance and risk management company specialized in the renewable energy sector with professionals, operating in more than 100 countries.

We collaborate in the development of a software product with which the company expects to cover the entire value chain in the management of renewable energy plants. Specialists have been involved to guarantee the optimization of the responses of the micro-services involved in the process.

Water and waste management player

Development, maintenance and improvement of a data centralization application

We collaborate in three main projects in development of technological applications in Iberia.

We are responsible for maintaining and improving the company’s flagship project, which includes all its business activity. Improvements are introduced to analyze, translate, update and display the data obtained from remote meter reading.

Energy player

For a major actor of energy metering the redesign of the software architecture of an energy meter

When our client asked for our help, he was facing a difficult situation. After two years of development, he realized that developing a new architecture for his product was much more complex than he thought.

We proposed a new agile approach with incremental design and continuous delivery. The first version of his new product was delivered one year after the kickoff and with significant evolutions.

Transforming the telecom and media industries with cutting-edge engineering for seamless connectivity and content delivery.

Leading Telecom Software Editor

Deployment & Support

We deploy and support 4G and 5G core network solutions for Telecom operators at EMEA.

The team is based at Tunis and is responsible to deliver projects on Bare-Metal, Virtual and Cloud Native solutions.

Cloud computing Service Provider

Software development and QA on core network equipment

We support the cloud computing service provider on maintaining and developing his products.

The team is principally specialized in testing and automate testing for Media Gateway, SBC and IMS products.

World leader in communication products

Software and middleware development for connected TV set-top

The communication player wanted to surround itself with external partners, experts in embedded systems, to support its software and middleware development activities.

Missions of development and maintenance of middleware and development and integration of low and application layers.

Software company for the digital home

Software Development and QA on set-top boxes and gateways

With a team of more than 40 engineers, we support our Client on developing, maintaining and testing his middleware software for set-top boxes and gateways.

With more than 10 years of collaboration, we participated in developing many products and we have supported our client to deploy his solution in many countries.

Providing sophisticated engineering solutions to the industrial and electronics sectors to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Pioneer in advanced technology

DataCenter Infrastructure project

For a pioneer in the development of advanced technology and materials – has been the international leader in the design and production of advanced industrial machines and plants for processing natural stone, ceramic, metals and in the development of engineered stone production plants and in additive manufacturing. The customer wanted to significantly increase the level of availability, performance and security of the general services provided by the IT infrastructure.

Player specialized in pvc products

Industry 4.0 project

For a leader specialized in the production of flat and tubular films, tubes, connectors and flexible containers in PVC. According to the specific needs of the customer, the type of solution proposed, and its flexibility have made it possible to interface heterogeneous machines of different technologies and to model the flow of process data.

Leader in roasting

ERP Solution – Roasting Coffè Sector

For a company specialized in roasting based in Modena with over 200 years of history. The Freeway® Skyline solution for companies specializing in the processing and sale of coffee was created to meet the wide range of needs of this sector and is developed by working closely with numerous coffee roasters throughout Italy.

Distribution of spare parts to the marine

ERP Solution – Secondary Sector

For a global player specialized in distribution of high-quality spare parts to the international marine industry using its manufacturing base in Genoa, Italy to produce articles of precision to rival original equipment makers. Thanks to our ERP Freeway® Skyline, we melted different companies and his different Information Systems, and we provided more structured ERP software also oriented to production as well as logistics processes.

Shaping the future of sustainable agriculture and revolutionizing the food and beverage industry through innovative engineering.

Flagship projects
Leader in roasting

ERP Solution

Company positioned among the top 10 Italian players in the coffee - sector with a production and operational headquarters in Anzola dell'Emilia and 14 warehouses distributed throughout the country. The business activity ranges from the purchase of raw coffees to blending and roasting and ends with the packaging of high-quality products destined for both the Italian and international markets.

Leader in roasting

ERP Solution – Roasting Coffè Sector

For a company specialized in roasting based in Modena with over 200 years of history. The Freeway® Skyline solution for companies specializing in the processing and sale of coffee was created to meet the wide range of needs of this sector and is developed by working closely with numerous coffee roasters throughout Italy.