Our Engagements

Despite being a relatively young group, we have embedded the early consideration of social and environmental issues at the core of our organizational ethos. This commitment stems from our desire to be a responsible actor, fully aware of the impact our actions have on the surrounding society and environment. The essence of our approach is encapsulated in our Core Model, the realization of our motto, « Critical by design. » This expression emphasizes our dedication to addressing societal and environmental concerns and the fundamental responsibility that arises as an international business entity.

our commitment

The pillars of our CSR strategy

At the core of our commitment to professional excellence lies a fundamental responsibility to society and the environment in which we operate. As an engineering consulting firm, we recognize the crucial importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in shaping our overall impact. Our CSR strategy relies on 8 key pillars:



Sustainable integration
in operation

ethics and 


Towards Employees

commitment towards

sustainable innovation
and r&d



awareness and


our approach

A combination of local and central ideas

Beyond our foundational model, we have developed a pragmatic approach aimed at giving concrete meaning to our CSR commitments.

our engagement

Membership and certifications

Our engagement is also reflected in our certifications and memberships.

Smart4Engineering’s entities certifications
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • ISO14064
  • ISO45001
  • ISO27001
  • ISO27017
  • ISO27018
  • ISO27035
  • ISO25010