At Smart4 engineering, innovation isn’t just a principle; it’s our guiding force. Rooted in the belief that tomorrow’s challenges demand forward-thinking solutions, our Research and Innovation (R&I) endeavors are driven by an unwavering commitment to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Innovation at the Core

Pioneering Tomorrow’s Solutions

Our research activities are not just about exploration; they are about redefining the state of the art. Fueled by a passion to innovate, we delve into projects that go beyond the current landscape, preparing the ground for offerings that will shape the future.

Our Labs serve as dynamic spaces for discovery, experimentation, and collaboration. From ideation to operational excellence, our R&I journey is marked by a commitment to customer-centricity, and a pursuit of innovative solutions.

Our Philosophy

Bridging Innovation and Market Challenges

At Smart4 engineering, our Research and Innovation (R&I) philosophy is more than a set of principles; it’s a dynamic force that propels us toward the future. Rooted in collaboration, operationalization, and transversality, our approach is designed to not only meet market challenges but to anticipate and shape them.

Ensuring Consistency with Market Challenges


We deploy a robust Core model that serves as the backbone of our R&I initiatives. This model ensures a seamless connection between our research endeavors and the challenges presented by the market. Collaboration is the key, allowing us to accurately interpret weak signals, adapting and aligning our efforts with the ever-evolving landscape.

Transforming Ideas into Real Value


At Smart4 engineering innovation is about bringing ideas to life. We are committed to nurturing our research projects beyond theoretical concepts. Our focus is on operationalization, where ideas are transformed into tangible, real-world value, making a meaningful impact on industries and societies.

Encouraging Transversality of Programs


We believe that true innovation thrives at the intersection of disciplines. Our philosophy encourages the transversality of programs, fostering cross-market innovations. By breaking down silos, we promote skills cross-fertilization, creating a rich ecosystem where diverse perspectives converge to generate breakthrough solutions.

Our labs

Research to operation

Our Labs are meticulously organized around the core principle of operationalization. We understand that the true essence of innovation lies in its application. This guiding philosophy ensures that our research work doesn’t merely exist on paper; it transforms into actionable, real-world solutions.

Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale


Our R&I projects distribution


technological excellence

Our IP assets

Our IP assets represent the synergy between research and application. They are a testament to our commitment to not just staying ahead of the curve but actively shaping it. Through products, accelerators, and methodologies, we continue to drive technological excellence and set new benchmarks in the industries we serve.

Innovation for Good

Innovation day

Early in the group’s inception, Innovation Days were established, marking one of the initial events that brought together people from various entities, inviting them to collaborate. Since then, it has evolved into an institution: every year, representatives from all R&I Labs of the group come together for an entire day, working collectively on a designated theme.

The most recent iteration unfolded in the picturesque city of Rome, focused on the theme of « Innovation for Good. » This annual event serves as a cornerstone, fostering collaboration and ideation among teams. It goes beyond being a mere gathering; it’s a testament to our commitment to innovation, bringing individuals from diverse backgrounds to explore the potential of technology.